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Regravel Corporation will produce construction materials such as gravel and sand by recycling debris coming from the demolition of concrete buildings.


The Company will commence its operations by completing the research and development (R&D) stage, manufacturing the first products, testing them, and obtaining the necessary licenses. After completing this step, Regravel Corporation will commence mass production and offer its products to both individuals and businesses engaged in a wide range of construction projects.

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The Company will partner with various construction companies and contractors whose projects typically include demolishing concrete buildings, and procure debris from them. Construction companies and homeowners involved in construction projects usually hire waste management companies and pay for the construction debris to be removed from their sites. Regravel Corporation will therefore be able to procure input material for its products for free. The Company will not charge for this service in order to attract more construction companies to become Regravel Corporation’s regular suppliers. However, Regravel Corporation will contract a local company that will provide large bins for collecting construction waste at building sites. After the containers are filled, the contracted company will transport the waste to Regravel Corporation facility, where the Company will further process the material. Regravel Corporation will rent a property of at least 1,000 sq. ft. with a yard of approximately 4,000 sq. ft. in the Greater Toronto Area to establish a manufacturing facility and successfully commence its operations. In addition to a large yard for storing construction debris before processing it, the Company will need special equipment to be able to sort the materials and then recycle them to produce high quality construction aggregates. Therefore, Regravel Corporation will procure the most advanced tools and equipment used for the manufacturing of construction materials, including crushers, sieves, conveyors, and loaders

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