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Executive Summary

Regravel Corporation will be a Toronto-based company that will operate within the construction and demolition waste recycling market

what do we do?

The Company will collect debris from the demolition of concrete buildings, sort it out, and then crush it into small pieces to create new construction materials.

what do we do?

Regravel Corporation will produce aggregates, namely sand and gravel, that will be suitable for non-structural use in construction projects, as well as for landscaping projects.

what do we do?

By recycling construction and demolition waste, the Company will help with reducing the volume of debris in landfills and reduce the use of stones or gravels from nature, thus providing its clients with a sustainable and cost-effective solution, while also benefiting the environment

Investing in Recycling construction debriesRecycling construction debriesRecycling construction debries

The use of recycled construction raw materials is gaining popularity among prominent builders and construction developers.

In The Following

As construction and demolition waste volume continues to increase, it is increasingly important to take advantage of any alternative disposal methods available. This has many economic and ecological benefits.

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. There is a great need for developing suitable recycling processes to protect the environment, as well as to gain economic returns from the waste.

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