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In all parts of the production process, the Company will use conveyors to transfer aggregates to different parts of the production lines.

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Regravel Corporation’s

Regravel Corporation’s final products will be sand and gravel. Sand is a granular material composed of finely divided mineral particles and defined by its grain size. It is commonly used in construction, often providing bulk, strength, and stability to other materials such as asphalt, concrete, mortar, render, cement, and screed.

On the other hand

On the other hand, gravel is a loose aggregation of small, variously sized fragments of rock and is often used as aggregate for concrete or road construction. Regravel Corporation’s sand and gravel will be suitable for use in non-structural parts of new buildings, as well as in landscaping underneath the paving area, where the heavy-duty machinery passes.

What we achieved

Regravel Corporation’s

Regravel Corporation’s mission is to provide its customers with high-quality, sustainable, and environmentally friendly construction materials. The Company will strive to spread information about the importance of effective construction waste management, as well as benefits of using recycled construction materials, to encourage both homeowners and companies to use it in their construction projects.

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The Company’s vision is to become recognised as a leader in the construction and demolition waste recycling and building materials markets in Canada. Regravel Corporation will consistently work toward creating innovative products that cater to its customers’ needs while reducing construction waste and being completely environmentally friendly

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Regravel Corporation’s

Regravel Corporation’s products will be made from the debris of concrete buildings, without adding additional materials. The Company’s process of recycling the debris into gravel and send will include the following steps:

Sorting the debris coming from a construction site

Crushing it into smaller pieces using the crusher

Sorting it again using sieves to separate aggregates based on the sizes

Producing different sizes of sands and gravels

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