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Overview of Services

Recycling Building Materials into Reusable Gravel

Overview of Services

Regravel is committed to addressing the global challenge of construction waste by recycling building materials into gravel. Our mission is to promote sustainability by managing, recycling, and reusing the waste generated throughout the lifecycle of concrete infrastructure. Here’s a detailed overview of our services:

1. Recycling Process

  • Collection: We collect construction and demolition waste from various sources, including construction sites, demolition projects, and renovation works.
Overview of Services
  • Sorting: The collected waste is sorted to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclable debris. This ensures that only suitable materials are processed.
  • Crushing and Screening: The sorted materials are then crushed and screened to produce gravel of different sizes and specifications, suitable for various construction applications.
  • Quality Control: We implement stringent quality control measures to ensure that the recycled gravel meets industry standards and client requirements.

2. Types of Materials Recycled

  • Concrete: Old and broken concrete is crushed into gravel that can be reused in new construction projects, reducing the need for virgin aggregate.
  • Asphalt: Recycled asphalt is processed and used in paving projects, reducing the demand for new asphalt.
  • Bricks and Blocks: These materials are crushed and repurposed into gravel for various construction needs.
  • Mixed Construction Debris: We handle a mix of construction materials, ensuring that all recyclable components are processed efficiently.

3. Benefits of Recycling

  • Environmental Impact: Recycling construction waste reduces the amount of debris sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, and minimizes the environmental footprint of construction activities.
  • Cost Savings: Recycled gravel is often more cost-effective than virgin materials, providing a budget-friendly option for construction projects.
  • Sustainability: By promoting the reuse of materials, we support sustainable construction practices and contribute to a circular economy.
  • Compliance: Our services help clients comply with local regulations and green building standards, enhancing their environmental credentials.

4. Custom Solutions

  • Project Consultation: We offer expert consultation to assess the recycling needs of each project and provide tailored solutions.
  • On-Site Recycling: For large-scale projects, we provide on-site recycling services to process materials directly at the construction site, saving time and transportation costs.
  • Material Supply: We supply high-quality recycled gravel for a variety of construction applications, ensuring a reliable and sustainable source of materials.

5. Case Studies

  • Project A: A large-scale demolition project where we successfully recycled 80% of the concrete waste into usable gravel, significantly reducing landfill contributions.
  • Project B: A road construction project utilizing recycled asphalt, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

6. Educational and Advocacy Efforts

  • Workshops and Seminars: We conduct workshops and seminars to educate construction professionals and the public about the benefits of recycling building materials.
  • Partnerships: We collaborate with government agencies, construction companies, and environmental organizations to promote sustainable practices in the industry.

7. Sustainability Goals

  • Zero Waste: Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero waste in construction by maximizing the recycling and reuse of materials.
  • Innovation: We continually invest in research and development to improve our recycling processes and develop new applications for recycled materials.
  • Community Engagement: We engage with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and sustainable construction practices.


Regravel is dedicated to transforming the way we handle construction waste, providing innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and the construction industry. By recycling building materials into reusable gravel, we contribute to a more sustainable future and support the development of green infrastructure.

For more information about our services or to discuss your project needs, please contact us today. Let’s work together to build a greener tomorrow.